Our Market

Bali Plus Invest presents a gateway to a diverse range of markets, each offering unique opportunities for growth, stability, and innovation. Our investment packages are crafted to cater to a spectrum of investor appetites, balancing the quest for yields with risk management.


Real Estate Market

Specializing in property development, rentals, and sales with Live in Bali.

Agriculture Market

Championing sustainable farming ventures with our Pig Farm operations

Aquaculture Market

Leveraging advanced fish processing and export strategies with Fish Factory in Chava.

Textile Market

Investing in the fashion and apparel industry with our Textile Group, including Bali Bliss and Royal Palms.

Security Services Market

Providing comprehensive personal and property security solutions through Eagle Protect.

Immigration and Legal Services Market

Offering expert immigration assistance and legal services with Bali Bridge.

Motorcycle Retail and Services Market

Engaging the consumer automotive sector with our Motorcycle Businesses and Tuning Garage.

Defense Industry Market

Participating in the dynamic defense sector with Bulwark Defense.

Marketing Services Market

Pioneering digital marketing and AI with our Marketing Company.

New Developing Areas

Capitalizing on growth in emerging regions, such as the new capital city development in Kalimantan.

Infrastructure Investment

Engaging in large-scale infrastructure projects, including the development of new ports, airports, and mobility solutions.

Additional Market

Infrastructure Investment

Additional Market Opportunities in Indonesia where we invest:

  • Renewable Energy: Opportunities in sustainable energy projects including solar, wind, and geothermal.

  • Healthcare and Wellness: Investment in medical facilities, wellness centers, and alternative medicine.

  • Educational Services: Funding educational institutions and e-learning platforms.

  • E-commerce and Digital Platforms: Capitalizing on Indonesia's expanding digital economy with online marketplaces and fintech solutions.

Investment Packages
Package A: The Property and Produce Portfolio
  • 60% Real Estate: Grounded in the solid foundation of Live in Ballet.

  • 20% Farming: Cultivating returns with Pig Farm.

  • 20% Fishing: Diversifying with Fish Factory in Chava.

Package B: The Market and Services Blend
  • - 50% Marketing: Venturing into the high-potential digital space with our Marketing Company.

  • - 50% Services: Ensuring a balanced approach with services like Eagle Protect and Bali Bridge.

Investors can tap into new frontiers with our projects in developing areas and infrastructure, poised to shape the future of the regions we operate in. These packages reflect our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and strategic growth.